A Much Needed Update- Gardens and Elections

Hello Beer Fans,

First of all, apologies that things have been a little off the radar for the last little while.
To make it up to you, we will be holding two beer gardens soon, one of which will be the biggest that we’re thrown yet, and we need all your help to promote.

February 27th we will be holding a large and glorious beer garden in the SUB Ballroom. This will be massive, with tons of beer, tons of music, and tons of opportunities to make and lose memories. Get ready for that. Tickets will go on sale soon.

Mid March we will also have another beer garden with a twist- stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, here is where our drunk walks have been taking us:

A KEG is running in the AMS elections!!! THAT’S RIGHT, A KEG!!!! Even we were surprised.
We encourage everyone to pay attention to the campaign because if beer is involved, then we love it.

Check out our elections arm at THE RADICAL BEER TRIBUNE
or join the facebook group

The site will include lots of information about the elections, including liveblogs of all the debates, some interesting candidate videos, and some general humour and debauchery.
At the RBF we’re all about student engagement- engagement with a beer in hand! Check out the elections and vote for those who kegstand for what you believe in.

Radical Beer, over and out.


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  • About Us

    The Radical Beer Faction of UBC is a club of the Alma Mater Society. We have been defending students' right to drink since 1988!
  • Executive

    Tyler Allison (President and Spiritual Leader)
    Stash Bylicki (VP Awesome)
    Jeremy McElroy (VP Propaganda)
    Erin Rennie (VP Damage Control)
    Mike Kushnir (VP Fuck Shit Up)
  • Contact Info

    To get in touch with us, send an e-mail to rbf.ubc@gmail.com

    For those less technologically-inclined folks, send a note to:

    The Radical Beer Faction of UBC
    c/o The Arts Undergraduate Society
    1866 Main Mall
    Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1

    Of course, you can always come visit us: we're usually hanging around MASS (Buchanan D-140)...
  • Upcoming Events

    Our first event will be on February 29; stay tuned for details!

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