No Pants Party – February 27th

For heaven’s sakes grandpa, put your pants back on….. NOT!!!!!!!

The Radical Beer Faction and a whole slew of friends from various UBC Clubs are presenting the UBC No Pants Party 2009.
Drop em’ like they’re hot… or on fire or whatever (your pants, of course) and show off those superior calf muscles. This will be a night of revelry, of great drinking, of killer music, and of amazing dancing.

Come see the SUB Ballroom decked out with one of the most superior light and sound systems we could get our hands on. Beer will be served, music will be played, and we need you to provide your pantless selves.

Prizes will be given out for various things including creativity and effort, so if you’re not comfortable just dropping those jeans, think of something interesting. We’re not looking to exclude!
Unless you’re under 19…

It is a 19+ event.

TICKETS are 8$ PRESALE and they’ll be $10 at the door. We recommend you get yours early, and discounts WILL be given for group purchases. We’re doing this to inject some life into the UBC party scene, NOT to make a profit, so we look forward to seeing your legs there. Show us how UBC can party… pantless….

If clubs are interested in participating in some way, shape or form, please contact the RBF at


Find a random RBF member
E Mail us at
Get some at a booth in the SUB (details tba)

Current clubs participating, also selling tickets are:
UBC Polish Club
Mike Duncan’s Brigade
More TBA


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  • About Us

    The Radical Beer Faction of UBC is a club of the Alma Mater Society. We have been defending students' right to drink since 1988!
  • Executive

    Tyler Allison (President and Spiritual Leader)
    Stash Bylicki (VP Awesome)
    Jeremy McElroy (VP Propaganda)
    Erin Rennie (VP Damage Control)
    Mike Kushnir (VP Fuck Shit Up)
  • Contact Info

    To get in touch with us, send an e-mail to

    For those less technologically-inclined folks, send a note to:

    The Radical Beer Faction of UBC
    c/o The Arts Undergraduate Society
    1866 Main Mall
    Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1

    Of course, you can always come visit us: we're usually hanging around MASS (Buchanan D-140)...