About the RBF

Since 1988, there have been successive groups of students operating at and around UBC promoting healthy living, community involvement, political awareness, and the importance of partying your face off.

In honour of the RBF’s 20th anniversary, a new group of talented, motivated students has stepped up to the plate to fight against the “War on Fun”, the lack of student autonomy at UBC, and the general decline in Beer Culture.

These outstanding individuals encourage – nay, CHALLENGE – you to question what is, to dare to dream, and dare to drink!

Tuum est! UBC is yours, and we will do our best to ensure that there are as many opportunities as possible for you to make this happen.

From the Executive and Members-At-Large of the Radical Beer Faction, we wish you all the best in your party endeavors, and cordially invite you to all of the kickass events that the RBF has to offer.

Yours sincerely,


“defending your right to drink since 1988!”


1 Comment

  1. YESSSS!!!!
    A subject true to my heart, is this club still active?
    Faithful consumer of the Hops…

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  • About Us

    The Radical Beer Faction of UBC is a club of the Alma Mater Society. We have been defending students' right to drink since 1988!
  • Executive

    Tyler Allison (President and Spiritual Leader)
    Stash Bylicki (VP Awesome)
    Jeremy McElroy (VP Propaganda)
    Erin Rennie (VP Damage Control)
    Mike Kushnir (VP Fuck Shit Up)
  • Contact Info

    To get in touch with us, send an e-mail to rbf.ubc@gmail.com

    For those less technologically-inclined folks, send a note to:

    The Radical Beer Faction of UBC
    c/o The Arts Undergraduate Society
    1866 Main Mall
    Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1

    Of course, you can always come visit us: we're usually hanging around MASS (Buchanan D-140)...