Welcome Back Party People!

The Radical Beer Faction is UBC’s premier social club. Born in 1991 as a protest to the slate election system with the mandate to “Defend Student’s Right to Drink”, the RBF has gloriously evolved to what it is now. As the ultimate faction of factions on Campus, we throw amazing events, promote safe drinking habits, and fight for you so that you can have an amazing time at University. But, to join, we have a few ultimate demands.

The Radical Beer Faction demands unwavering, and unquestioning loyalty and obedience! To Obey is to Live, to Live is to Party. We have done away with the wasteful and bureaucratic, democratic regimes used by other campus groups, instead favouring the efficient, and economic ways of the One True Party. Dissent will not be tolerated, but quashed like a beer can to the forehead! This small price we ask for our services. Don’t ask questions, and all will have a time to remember. Come party with the Party!

Check us out at main event carnival, sign up during clubs days, and come out to our first all-ages event- the frAUSh Afterparty on the evening of Friday, September 12th.

We at the RBF realize that school is about much more than just getting a job; it’s about having an experience. Become a member, share in the experience, and party with the party.

Yours in Partying,

The Radical Beer Faction of UBC


over the summer…

hey there, RBFers…

things may seem slow over the summer, but i just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve been busy at work…

we’re cooking up a lot of fun for you boys and girls, with some unorthodox events that will make this coming september at UBC unlike any other.

in the meantime, keep this mantra in mind, ’cause thanks to each and every one of you becoming members and spreading the word of radical beer factionism, we’ve all accomplished so much in such a short time:

never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. (margaret mead)

i look forward to seeing you all in a few short months. until then, have a fun (and safe) summer. (and whoever is doing the rain dance…please stop.)

– scary mike.


Guerilla Graffiti Party!

The Radical Beer Faction Presents:

The Guerilla Graffiti Garden

Friday, April 4th 5 – 11 pm
In Buch D (MASS)

Come mix and mingle with the RBF kids!

Burgers and Beverages 5 – 8,
Beverages and Dancing 8 – 11.

DJ Mac and Stash will be spinning it up, and the beverages will be nice and cold.

This is a Members Only party, but your $5 membership at the door will get you 2 drinks!

Drinks and burgers will be $2
19+ (2 pieces ID required)

Join our facebook event!

more promotion!

hey, guys and girls!

if you haven’t done so already, pick up a copy of the ubyssey today and read the interview with tyler and erin. fantastic!

many thanks to celestian rince for his coverage.

also, get ready for a couple neat things coming up in the next while. stay tuned…

Licensees, Know Your Rights–Private, or Public?

One thing all licensees on campus should know is the law. Serving it right gives a good overview of case law, and how to run an event effectively, but it does not go in to the details over how the administrative side of licensing works. Allegations of the University Detachment reinterpreting the Liquor Control and Licensing Act/Regulation should be strong motivation for us to know what the law says, and how to argue effectively. This series serves as a mere guide, not as legal opinion, to help you defend your rights as a licensee. Today’s article is an FAQ regarding the two types of license you can achieve: public, and private.

What is the difference between a private and public license?

The liquor control and licensing regulation goes over two classes of license: private and public. Each has their own intentions, their own benefits, and their own detriments. The following chart should help:


* $100.00 licensee fee.
* Event is open to the general public.
* No spirits can be served without exception from the University Detachment and the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.
* Capacity is defined as the number of people in the room (replacements permitted).


* $25.00 license fee.
* Event is restricted to members of an organization or ticket holders.
* Spirits can be served.
* Number of guests invited cannot exceed capacity (no replacements).

In general, you will likely want a private license. The only downside is the no replacements rule.

The University Detachment is denying my private event, claiming it’s actually public!

Lets take a look at the regulations. Contrary to claims that licenses are intended for events like weddings, the law says that community and social events are acceptable to license if private. Here is what the regulation says:

“private special occasion” means any of the following events for which a special occasion license is issued:

(b) an event of a social, cultural, recreational, religious, sporting or community nature, if

(i) the licensee is an individual who is a member of and a representative for a genuine organization,

(ii) the event is organized and hosted by the organization, and

(iii) attendance is limited to the organization’s members or staff, to invited guests or to persons to whom tickets have been sold or provided before the event;

“public special occasion” means an event for a community or public celebration or an event, open to the public, for the conduct of tastings to acquaint the public with products of a liquor manufacturer licensed under the Act or any comparable Act of any other jurisdiction, for which event,

(c) for any other event, support for the event has been expressed by the local government or police having jurisdiction in the area;

Odds are your event is private. You represent a genuine organization (your fraternity, club, constituency, etc.), your event is likely hosted by your organization, and you have either pre-sold tickets to your event, or the only attendees are members of the organization (the Detachment may require proof, so either tell your members to bring membership cards, or print out your list of members prior). Private licenses are both cheaper, and permit hard-bar, and there’s no way we should be denied those priveledges if we are entitled to them.

In Part 2 of the series, we will discuss advertising.

thanks to the devil’s advocate once more…

hey there, everyone…

thanks so much for making the RBF’s first event a fantastic success.

i’ve personally been a student at ubc since 2001 (yeah, i know, i should graduate), and worked on a lot of arts county fairs, but i have to say that i have never been quite so proud of all of you who, with beer in hand, have decided to take a stand against forced sobriety and repression!

and of course, mad props go out to the devil’s advocate, for helping us tremendously with the propaganda party: we could not have pulled it off without you.

keep reading, dear readers, for our next event. which, of course, will be sooner than later.


– scary.

it’s PARTY TIME, baby!

hey there, boys and girls!

after squandering reading week on drinking way too little, being stuck in a holding pattern above toronto for almost an hour and pretty much anything unrelated to schoolwork, i’ve allowed myself to sink into a situation where i have an assignment due in effectively 2.5 hours and i’ve done nothing to relieve myself of it.

but i know where my duties lie, and it’s my pleasure to let you know about our first li’l official event!

the PROPAGANDA party

this FRIDAY, february 29 in MASS (buchanan d-140)
from 5 pm ’til 11 pm
bbq from 5 pm ’til 7:30 pm

officially, this is a membership drive. memberships are being sold for $5 – this will get you in free to all RBF events (as well as other special benefits). long story short, you want to join. you really do. trust me on this…

in the spirit of beer gardens past, we’re gonna make this an all-afternoon affair. done classes? come for a cheap burger and a beer! it’s gonna be a chill-out thing from about 5 pm ’til 7 pm, then the lights go down and the beat goes up (or on, if you’re a fan of bob sinclar).

also, you want to make sure that your term paper gets an “A” instead of a “B”? well, here’s a hint: your profs (and TAs!) like to have a good time just as much as you do, and when it comes time to get down and dirty, well, you ought to encourage them. wholeheartedly. ergo, make sure to invite them! nothing is cooler than drinking with your profs. well, okay, maybe gymnastic pizza twirling is cooler than drinking with your profs, but i digress.

if you have any questions, just drop us a line at rbf.ubc@gmail.com and we’ll answer you promptly.

basically, you’re gonna be a star on friday night. don’t miss out.

see you on friday!

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    Our first event will be on February 29; stay tuned for details!

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